Saturday, July 11, 2009

Failure? キュウリ失敗?

hhhmmm, my cucumber didn't get bigger. It's about to fall now. What are the causes? I can think of a few things.....
1. Texas weather is way too hot for Japanese cucumber. (85-90 degrees in Japan, but here in Texas, 98-103)
2. The planter was too small for my cucumber. (Lack of water)
3. Not enough plant food.

1 日本のキュウリにはテキサスが暑すぎる(日本では夏はだいたい30−33度くらいだけどここら辺は37−40度)
2 プランターが小さすぎた
3 肥料が足りない?

Yet another one. Hope this one grows.

I still have my 2nd and 3rd cucumber.

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Nehemiah K. said...

I've had some cucumbers do this but i think most of mine was lack of water, they're doing better now.