Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Warm Day 温かい日

It was almost hot today.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


 I know this has been done by so many people, but I wanted to do the test myself with my camera and lens. The followings are taken with Canon EOS Rebel T2i (Kiss X4/550D) with Sigma 18-200mm DC OS. The first thing I tested was the continuous shooting mode.
このテストは他のところでさんざんやってると思うんだけど、自分のカメラで試してみようと思ってやってみました。すべて Canon EOS Kiss X4 (Rebel T2i/550D) にレンズは Sigma 18-200 DC OS で撮っています。まずは連写でのテスト。 

The results 結果
RAW: 5 pictures max continuous. 5枚でおしまい。
JPEG: I stopped at 30 pics. 30枚でやめました。

This was the main reason I wanted to try JPEG shooting. I mainly shoot in RAW and this cheap camera's buffer doesn't hold enough pics sometimes. This picture was 26.7MB in RAW, 5.7MB in JPEG (L).
これがこのテストをする理由だったんですけど、やっぱり思った通り。この安物カメラでは連写してもバッファが小さすぎて少ししか撮れません。この写真はRAWで26.7MB、JPEG (L)で5.7MBでした。

I checked the quality next. I mainly use pictures on my blog or other online media, so it is not that important, but I do print or crop sometimes. So I decided to test the quality just in case.

Shot in JPEG mode (processed by the camera)

Just saved RAW using Adobe Lightroom without editing
Adobe Lightroom でRAWをまったくいじらずに現像

Just saved RAW using iPhoto without editing
iPhoto でRAWをまったくいじらずに現像

Processed the RAW file to my taste using Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Lightroom で RAWを自分好みに現像

Processed the JPEG file to my taste using iPhoto
iPhoto で JPEGを自分好みに現像

 The T2i processes pictures pretty well. Especially the noise reduction is way better than I thought. 
iPhoto processes RAW pretty bad. The details are completely gone, and I don't really like the color it produces.
Lightroom's noise reduction is really powerful/useful.
It is not easy to process the post processed JPEG file to my taste especially color.
I need a good lens for better image quality (not really important for how I use the pictures).
I really want to switch over to JPEG because of the file size (20-30MB for each RAW picture). I think I'm going to start using JPEG and see how I like. I usually process photos to my taste, so I will probably switch back to RAW for that purpose.

Kiss X4はかなり優秀な現像処理をする。特にノイズリダクションは思ったよりすごい。

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sushi すし

Brookshaire's sushi

 Shrimp, tuna, and tuna rolls

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 謹賀新年

Happy New Year Everyone!

Chicken Cream Stew for dinner