Wednesday, June 24, 2009

モロヘイヤの摘心 Trimming Mulukhiya


My mulukhiyah became pretty tall, so I trimmed them. They should stop growing vertically and start growing horizontally now.

after the trimming

Today's harvest. This is my first one after I planted the seeds about 5 weeks ago.

I boiled and chopped them. Added some soy sauce and put it on the top of Milky Queen. Taste perfect!! Oh, for people who don't know what mulukhiya is, it's an Egyptian vegetable with a lot of vitamin. It's sticky like okura. I've never seen them here in Tyler, but if you want to try, let me know.

キュウリもかなり大きくなりました。ちょっとテキサスの天気は日本のキュウリには暑すぎるのかな? 毎日38度くらいだししょうがないかな。
My cucumber grew pretty big, too. I think Texas weather (around 100 degrees everyday) is way too hot for Japanese cucumber.

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Nehemiah K. said...

So I let them get about a foot tall then transplant them? Or can I transplant them sooner? I have a square hanging basket that I'm going to put them in