Sunday, March 22, 2009

ヒューストンで買い物 Grocery shopping in Houston


I went to Houston for grocery shopping today. The size of Chinese market is maybe about 30 times bigger than Japanese market... You can buy most things from Chinese market and probably cheaper there, but I really need good Japanese rice. Price of rice (Japanese rice - from California) is almost twice as much as the price a few years ago. (went up to $31 from $16 for 20lb)

Oh and I got new shoes for my Element. Yokohama Geolander H/TS. Much quieter than the OEM tires.


Anonymous said...

2 questions: How much rice do you get for $31 and what's the difference between Japanese rice and any other rice?

Sarah S. said...

That comment was me!

Jiro said...

Hey Sarah, thanks for the comment.
Yeah I forgot to say for how many pound. (I actually did in Japanese part)
It's for 20lb. I updated already.
Japanese rice is different from American rice. It's short and sticky. Japanese rice have some different kinds (brands) and they all taste different.