Saturday, November 6, 2010

Canon FD Lens キャノンFDレンズ

I got this old Canon FD mount 50mm f/1.8 lens on eBay for $17.50. It's like a few decades old, but I wanted to try. Micro 3/4 cameras are capable to use old lenses like this with mount adapters. You have to manually focus using the focus ring, but with its manual focus assist (it zooms in on the screen) and the electric view finder, it is not that hard to manual focus.
キャノンのFDマウント50mm f/1.8レンズをeBayで$17.50で手に入れました。数十年昔のレンズですが、安かったので試してみました。マイクロ・フォーサーズのカメラは古いレンズがアダプターを介して使うことができます。マニュアルでフォーカスをしないといけませんが、フォーカスアシスト(ズームしてフォーカスしやすくする)と電子ビューファインダーを使うとそれほど大変ではありません。

Well, I got this camera because of its size, but you know...

50mm is equivalent to 100mm in 35mm scale.

50mm 1/2000 f1.8 ISO100

50mm 1/80 f8 ISO100

50mm 1/500 f1.8 ISO100

50mm 1/1300 f2.8 ISO100

One thing I don't like so far is this Japanese menu. I tried to find the language settings, but there's no such a thing!! I was really surprised because most modern digital cameras have almost all major languages installed already. I learned most photography terms in English with my Canon. I still understand those terms in Japanese, but I would like to use English if I can. I think I'm gonna have to hack the firmware.

Followings are taken with GF1 with 20mm f/1.8 pancake lens.
以下はGF1と20mm f/1.8パンケーキレンズで撮影。

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