Friday, August 20, 2010

New Home/Family Needed 新しいお家を探しています

I got this email from the animal rescue I got Koko from.

This dog (Emmy) was found and dropped off at a local vet. She has had her vaccinations and is spade. She had a microchip which was never registered. We traced her back to a breeder who says she is around 5 years old. Apparently the owner now lives in Oklahoma and does not want Emmy. We do not know who had her here, or any other details. Emmy seems to be a really nice girl, and loves people and other dogs. She is a Labradoodle. Does anyone have room for Emmy? She is getting very depressed since she knows she isn’t wanted, and needs someone to love her again.


She is a really adorable Labradoodle. I hate to hear these people really don't care about their dogs. If you are interested (she's in Dallas, TX), please let me know. I can contact them for you.

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