Saturday, March 31, 2012

Plants 2012 今年の植物

Japanese cucumbers 日本のキュウリ

Brown Edamame だだちゃ豆

Shiso しそ

Blueberry ブルーベリー

Red Emperor レッド・エンペラー

Marigold & Verbena マリーゴールド&バーベナ 

Some tomatoes トマト数種類

I just started others like Thai basil (three different kinds), Japanese eggplant, Mitsuba, cilantro, Italian parsley, sweet basil, bell pepper....


Nehemiah K. said...

I love the maple tree. Can't wait until we get settled so we can start planting trees and veggies! I'll definitely have to ask you for pointers lol

Jiro said...

Yeah, just let me know when you're ready!