Friday, March 4, 2011

New Shampoo 新しいシャンプー

I just received Koko's new shampoo and conditioner today. All natural ingredients with Lavender smell. :)
I can't believe I'm paying way more than what I'm paying for my shampoo. But, I guess it's still way better than my mom. She's paying like $120 for her dog shampoo!!

It's getting warm, so I started using this on her. I was using Vectra 3D before. I wanted to try this one since it's cheaper.
だいぶ暖かくなってきたので、虫対策を。今まではVectra 3Dというのを使っていたのですが、高いのでこっちに切り替えです。

I'm hungry!

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