Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spring Has Come 春が来た

It's gonna be 70ish everyday this week. Hopefully it's not gonna be cold again.

We went to Lake Tyler today.


Gregg said...

Now you do know Jiro, It dips up, then down. then up then WAY down then up. At least in AZ that's how it works. We never go straight to spring. In summer we'll get to 100 one day. then drop down to 80 something. It's so awesome, like a pre-warning... I'M coming SUCKAs! I'm Mister T.... How have you been, have not seen you online lately sweet pants.

Gregg said...

OH! Now I need a favor. I was looking at your Mom's blog and saw a dish. I don't know what it is and didn't want to try and translate in case something got skewed incorrectly or measurements wrong. But, the dish had what I think are leeks, and of course for sure boiled eggs. those were 2 things I knew for 100%. BUT, it looks DELICIOUS. I want to make that. let me know. If you need my email again I'll send it (yes,I can't find yours, or i'd get on you for not being in touch in so long, like I can talk) I think we are gonna get a kid 2 in the next year or two.... OH looking at the pic in your garage from the snow pic, I don't see the Element? did you get something else? Bobby is about to get the HIDEOUS Cube! AAAAHHHHH.

Jiro said...

Hey Gregg, I've been doing fine. I think you are talking about ramen my mom had at the ramen restaurant. (We have those everywhere in Japan)

What you saw on it were green onion and boild eggs. Just search ramen on my blog. (You see the search box on the right side of this blog)

Yes, I got a VW Golf last year. My Element started having some electrical problems. I testdrove Cube, too. But I liked Golf's handling and quietness better. Also, Cube's cargo space doesn't go flat like Golf's does. It's kinda important for Koko.