Friday, July 25, 2008



I haven't updated my blog for a long time. I know that. It's been too hot. (just an excuse) It's been around 100 degrees everyday and humid.

今日、iPhoneが来ました。 日本ではアメリカより数時間早く発売されてるし、もう持っている人もいるかもしれないけど、これが全く同じのアメリカ仕様。

Anyways, I got my iPhone today. I waited for about a week or so.

I tried to swich the system to Japanese. It worked just fine! Menu and everything is in Japanese!!


haley said...

sweet i phone - but your tama is way cooler!!!!!
i kind of miss the math lab :(
keep this blog updated!!!!

Jiro said...

thanks for the comment Haley. Yeah i miss being in the math lab, too. but we're going back to school in less than a month. i don't think i'm ready for it. lol